The Cryptocurrency to Watch in 2021

  The year 2021 is a crucial year for cryptocurrencies. 2020 was a difficult year for the global economy and traditional finance due to a massive pandemic and the threat of a recession. This year looks perfect for further cryptocurrency adoption and a fundamental change in the financial system. Blockchain technology and its potential to … Read more

What to Look For in a Cryptocurrency Tax Software Program

  If you’ve been using cryptocurrencies for several years, you may have heard about cryptocurrency tax software. While crypto taxation may be complicated, it’s essential that you use the right software. These programs offer a variety of features that are convenient for beginners, portfolio managers, and enterprise clients. They can also help you avoid penalties … Read more

The IC15 Cryptocurrency List in India

  The cryptocurrency list in India includes the top 100 cryptocurrencies. The top 50 cryptocurrencies are defined by the IC15 index. To be eligible for inclusion, a cryptocurrency must have been within the top 50 in circulating market capitalization for the previous month and be in the top 100 most liquid cryptocurrencies. To be added … Read more

Investing in a Cryptocurrency ETF

  One of the main problems with cryptocurrencies is that they are traded on unregulated exchanges where manipulation and fraud are commonplace. However, this doesn’t mean that investors should shy away from digital currencies. Investing in a cryptocurrency ETF offers many benefits. For example, an Ethereum ETF could hold Bitcoin and Facebook stocks, giving investors … Read more

Top Cryptocurrency List – Which Cryptocurrency Should You Invest In?

  Ethereum makes the top cryptocurrency list despite its scalability and expansion problems. Its value has doubled since late July and recently crossed the $4,000 mark. This decentralized blockchain platform uses its native currency Ada to streamline peer-to-peer transactions. It is the second-largest coin by market cap, and is currently trading at $2,370. It is … Read more

What is Going on With Cryptocurrency?

  Many people are asking, what is going on with cryptocurrency? Whether it is a bubble or not, cryptocurrency is a digital currency that allows users to exchange it for goods and services online. The use of strong cryptography and an online ledger makes cryptocurrencies very secure, and they can be used as payment methods … Read more